Yours and your friends’ texts and data become personally useful in daily life.
AI helps you to better understand people and relate to people and yourself.
Even in uncertain times you may rely on yourself to be resilient and go forward.
You may also build business reputation being relevant and efficient with people.


No fear – Solve problems
No shame – Fit talents
No anger – Win success
No self-pity – Evolve strength
Define logic, talents, desires, values of any person with data, text, and speech around you
Communicate No fear – train your natural logic to make correct decisions, be certain, and give proofs.

Know natural logic of others to understand them better and be heard.

Especially, if you are an adviser.
Collaborate No shame – train your natural talents to create a role that benefit and fit the surroundings.

Know natural talents of others to ask them to do things they can do perfectly.

Especially, if you are a producer.
Negotiate No anger – train your natural desires to sharpen your reactions, catch chances, and win.

Know natural desires of others to expect what to propose in negotiations.

Especially, if you are a startup.
Motivate No self-pity – train your natural values to spend energy for the purpose and keep power.

Know natural values of others motivating to put efforts into common goals.

Especially, if you are a manager.
Artificial Intelligence empowers Human Nature for better Competitiveness, Self Management and Personal Freedom - presentation
1 The first step is to record or upload original person's speech or text and relevant data. If the text is not in English, please, translate it first, and Copy+Paste it from any translation service.
2 Then see whether the computing model can recognize person’s type (extract necessary meaningful information) from data. Only if ‘yes’ is shown, the payment will be possible to provide.
3 Get the report with description of person’s traits and underlying nature. This person may be either yourself or anyone else. The report info is based on research of people and data with a help of AI.
4 Finally, read online use keys that explain how insight into person's traits may serve you in real situations. And, please, ensure you've read legal terms before you start using the service.
PERSON'S REPORT CONTENTS Report Contents - relating personality traits, positive characteristics, good qualities to a person for self help and personal development
integrated character YES
roots explained YES
anonymous report YES
$ 25
purpose – is a text and speech AI solution that defines different types of people with their natural logic, talents, desires, values based on human body processes, ones which evoke particular ways of behaviour and thoughts, then expressed in words, to be detected by machine learning algorithms.
IBM Watson
integrated character NO. sporadic traits
roots explained NO. bare data
anonymous report YES
$ 0-120
Watson Personality Insights predict habits, preferences, inclination for products, deriving personality characteristics, needs, intends, and values via written text; to improve conversion rates and personalized messaging.
New Life Genetics
integrated character NO. sporadic traits
roots explained YES
anonymous report NO. identified
€ 250
DNA Talent testing for genetics of major chemical and physical elements that affect the construction of muscles, functioning of the brain, and consequent presumable social skills, personality, verbal communication, motor skills.
integrated character NO. sporadic traits
roots explained NO. surveys
anonymous report NO. identified
$ 100
Trait Reports from DNA for better life decisions, study correlation between personality traits and genetic features by surveying people and looking for similarities in DNA of those who, based on perception, reported similar traits.
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